Wednesday, August 4, 2010

16 More Random Things About Me

Here are 16 more randoms for you alllll:
1. I'm not a fan of my own hair. It's freakishly wavy in the back and sooo thick, I have to straighten it everyday. I hate doing my own hair and would rather have someone do it for me because...I stink at attempting to do my hair!
2. My favorite colors are blue and black. Blue is like, my signature color. It really fits me. And as for black, it's just cool. Haha.
3. I really don't like using the word, "Legit." only because I don't know the exact true meaning of it. But..also because I don't like saying it.
4. I'm a fan of Converse although I'm pretty sure my mom got rid of my favorite red high-tops. :(
5. I don't intend on ever doing drugs, drinking coffee, energy drinks like Monster, or drinking alcohol. Most people change their minds when they grow older, but I will never do anything bad that will harm me.
6. I think Gibby from iCarly is funny ! Haha.
7. My favorite male athlete is Apolo Ohno, short-track speedskater, and Lindsey Jacobellis, snowboarder.
8. I consider myself a Christian even though I have never been to church.
9. I actually like my school even though everyone says it sucks.
10. I believe parents these days don't really understand their kids. Only a small percent do.
11. The first concert I will ever attend in my life is a Justin Bieber one.
12. I like saying I'm 12 and a half even though I'm really 12 years and 10 months old right now. I don't say I'm 12 because it makes me sound too young and I don't say I'm 12 and 3/4 because...who says that? Lol.
13. I have three main school best friends and one Twitter bestie (Twestie).
14. I honestly hate swimming because this summer I was involved in a drowning accident. O_O
15. I hate when people do this when typing: O_O even though I just did it on random #14.
16. I loooove Olive Garden!
Well, thank you sooo much for reading my blog! It really means a lot and feel free to comment or ask me anything! I'll probably post random entries throughout the day. Haha. Byeee !

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