Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All About Rachel!

Hi, my name's Rachel and I'm 12 and a half years old. I decided to start a blog to: one, kind of showcase my talent of writing, and two: I just think blogging is really cool. My life revolves around family, friends, God, music, fashion, writing, and happiness. I would be nothing without any of those. Everyone thinks they know me, but until you've read this blog, you know nothing, trust me! Haha. Some must-knows about me are that I was born on September 16, 1997, I'm going into the 8th grade this fall..well, technically this summer..I have a mom, dad, and a little brother named Jason who's 10 years old. I'm not really sure what to put in my first ever blog, but..I guess I'll talk about music for now. I love Michael Jackson. I'm a wicked huge fan and he's just amazing. I don't like haters, sorry. I also love Justin Bieber. And I don't think I should be judged just because I like him..I mean, his music is good. And if you don't like it, keep it to yourself. I love Ke$ha. She's different and has catchy tunes. I love Madonna. Her music is classic and very good. I cannot get enough of it! I love Lady Gaga. She's put a whole new meaning to music...well, that's what I think. I'm a fan of Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless. Their music is and it's hardcore. My style icon is definitely Lourdes "Lola" Leon. She has style to die for! I'm not kidding, when I saw her style, I immediately fell in love with it! I love how her and her mother teamed up to put out the Material Girl clothing line. I have yet to buy the clothes!
Here are 16 random things to know about me:
1. My favorite number is 16. I was born on the 16th, it's my lucky number, and that's why I'm listing 16 randoms for you.
2. I wear one contact lens in my right eye because I have astigmatism. It's like, blurred vision and I have glasses, but I don't wear them because they are MAJORLY ugly and they fall off. Lmao.
3. I say the word, "wicked" a lot because I love it. I'm from New England, sooo..haha. I use it like, when I say, "I'm wicked nice." or "That's wicked awesome."
4. My parents divorced when I was 6. It's been tough, but like, eh..whatever, you know?
5. It's sometimes really hard for me to say "I love you" to anyone.
6. I think that babies are like, really cute . :)
7. I hate pickles and tomatoes so much.
8. Some of the weirdest things I've eaten are: frog legs and chicken feet. But the grossest thing I ate was ant eggs. Thank you, Daddy.
9. I don't call my parents, Mom and Dad. I call them Mommy and Daddy. It's just stuck ever since I was little, so don't make fun of me. Seriously.
10. I'm really protective of my friends. I want them to be happy and not make the worst choices.
11. I am in love with fashion. You may not know it, but I am. It's basically my muse.
12. I want to be an author when  grow up. And maybe a fashion designer.
13. I hate the number 13. I'm wicked superstitious.
14. I think that children have a lot to teach adults and that they are very important.
15. I don't like drama. Well, only if it's on Jersey Shore.
16. I loooove pasta!
Well, thanks for reading and I prooomise that later on, I will have a better blog. Haha, this is my very first one. Thanks once againnn !

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